Trophy Care & Responsibility
We have taxidermists available who can mail you a brochure with prices, upon request.  Your guide can cape your trophy if you desire.  
All game must be taken to the meat locker; a price list is available upon request.  Your meat can be donated, but you must pay to have it deboned.
Other Activities
After filling your game tag, and at no additional charge, other than licenses that may be required, you may hunt Merriam Turkey, and Prairie Dogs You may also choose to go sight-seeing as there are many historical and tourist attractions in the area.  A visit to the Big Horn Mountains is another enjoyable outing to consider. 
~100% Harvest Rate in 2017~
~Hunts are Spot & Stalk~

4-Wheel Drive vehicles are used for transportation
Average Size of Deer & Antelope
~Antelope: Our goal is to take nothing smaller than 14 inches.
~Mule Deer:  Our average range is 140-160, however we usually get a couple every year in the 170+ range.
~References are available upon request~
Be prepared for the ever-changing Wyoming weather which can range from a hot 90 degrees to frigid single digits in October.
​I had a great experience at Outwest hunting with my two sons.  Casey and Jessie are great hosts.  Our guide Steve was not just a top-notch guide, but is a great human being. The experience was second to none.  We will be back.                                                                        D.O. (PA)  2019

​Had a great time--great food and people.  There's just one thing,  I wish I could have gotten a bigger buck.  I guess a 180" buck will have to do for this year.  Thanks again!
A.F. (NY)  2018
Happy Hunters.......
"Back again for my second time, this place is incredible.  I love everything about this camp.  The game is plentiful and of great quality.  The hunters in camp were excellent company.  Jessie is a fantastic cook and sets a great table with the help of her two girls.  Casey and Jessie run a class A outfit.  I am already planning my return trip (number 3) in a couple years!!  I can not wait to come back.  Thanks again."
Paul Quattrociocchi, III  (MA)  2012  (978)630-1355
​I had a wonderful time.  Y'all made me feel like part of the family.  TJ is a great guide and knows what he is doing.  I think I was very lucky to have been able to hunt here with Outwest Outfitters.  Jessie is a great cook and the back bone of the crew.  She has a full time job keeping Casey in line.  Casey is cool as sh** and makes us feel right at home.  Thanks for everything.  I have never tagged out on the second day.  I can't wait to come back.  I feel I have made some good friends.  P.S. If you forget shooting sticks you can always use TJ's back.
​J.W. (NC)  2019
​Another wonderful hunting experience with the Outwest gang.  TJ and Steve got the mule deer hunters 4 great bucks in the first 2 days, two over the 150 inches class.  Those two are hunters of the highest order.  Jessie runs a great camp with the excellent food.  She's my favorite Italian cousin in Wyoming.  She's doing a great job with her two beautiful daughters too.  Five times with Outwest and successful every time.  I love this place.  
L.B. (PA) 2017
When we spoke withyou at the show andyou said "you'll have your antelope on the first day", I never thought it would come true, but it did.  All three of us harvested our antelope bucks on the first day.  It happened because of our great guide, Steve.  He took us to places a Chevy is not meant to go.  His motto was "you can do better" and he made it come true.  Steve, TJ, and Kelly are not only a great crew but are fantastic people.  I can't think of a better place to spend my only vacation this year.  I wish all of you guys continued success.  God bless all of your families. 
D.C. (PA)  2015
First time with Outwest Outfitters.  Definitely won't be the last.  Got 14" antelope buck the first day.  Nice turkey gobbler the second day.  Casey, Jessie, Kelly, Steve, TJ, and the girls made us feel like part of their family.  Awesome experience.  great food every time.  Hunted with Steve and enjoyed every minute.  If Steve says "shoot"--you shoot!
R.B.  (PA)  2015
Just got to say, I'm 62 years old and by far this was the best trip ever.  I say that because your group of people here make that possible.  Never thought that I would have my antelope buck at 10:30am on the first day of the hunt, and my doe muley on the second day.  None of that would have been possible without Steve, our guide.  That man is top of the line, as well as all the other great people here.  It could not have been any better.  WILL BE BACK, GOD WILLING.  God bless all you great people here.  P.S.  the food was outstanding.
R.S.  (PA)  2015
This has been one of the best hunting trips we have ever been on.  Casey, you are a wonderful guide, and a person to be respected.  When we asked you in Harrisburg if you could accommodate us, you said no problem.  I have never seen so many animals in one spot and you knew where the good ones were and how to get us into position for us to take them home.  After our animals were down, you even took enough pride in your job to take us around and see more of your hunting areas.  Can't thank you enough!  Even the food was unbelievable.
A.F. & J.F.  (MD)  2015
Casey & Jessie, thank you for everything.  The food was better than any restaurant I've had, the hunt was a challenge, thank you Casey for letting me chase that buck as long as we did.  I will forever remember this trip with my dad and you two.  I feel like this was not just a hunting trip but rather a chance to meet up with friends I haven't met yet.  Best of luck to you in all your adventures.  I will recommend you to anyone who asks for a top notch guide and outfitter. Till next time.
D&L Prest (NY) 2016
Casey & Jessie & the Outwest Crew. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and the good home cooking.  TJ was top notch in assuring me the success of the quality animal that I had harvested.  I look forward to returning in the future with the group to make more memories with you all.  
D.B. (HI) 2017
Coming to Wyoming this year was a homecoming.  May God bless you and your wonderful daughters.  The experience of your camp is warm and exciting at the same time.  The hunting experience is phenominal!  Thank you Casey for a wonderful hunt and thanks to Jessie and Kelly for an "at home" feel, the food is always great.  I can't wait to return and enjoy the hospitality of hunting in Wyoming again.  
D.S. (PA)  2015
Another great experience in hunting with Outwest Outfitters.  The outstanding things about Casey and Jessie's operation is the variety of critters (deer, antelope, birds, etc.) that are seen everyday and the great hospitality.  TJ is a great guide and fun to be with--his goal is hunter satisfaction and he gets it done.  The other hunters that come to Outwest are great and make the experience all the better.  My best to Casey, Jessie, and the girls in the years to come.
B.B. (PA)  2015
Outwest Outfitters, LLC
Awesome time.  Spot & stalk is the only way to go.  Caey and Jessie and the girls made us feel like we were part of the family.  Kelly & TJ were great to have at camp and talk hunting....Steve is a great guide as we killed 3 good antelope.  Got us on turkey and prairie dogs too.  Good Time... Camp and food and just being out on the ranch was a great experience.  Will be back.  God Bless,
R.S.  (PA)  2015
Other Frequently Asked
​I love coming here! Great people, delicious food, and lots of fun times. Wish I could come every year.  Got to meet new friends and see old ones again.  The hunting and amount of game you see is imressive again.  Keep up the good work and I wish all the best!
R.B. (PA) 2018